HCL Machine Works, Inc.

Published in the June 2012 Issue Published online: Jun 12, 2012
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HCL Machine works was established in 1947 by Walt Hansen, Archie Clayhold and Hans Larsen. In 1970 Sherill Campbell graduated from Cal Poly and was hired by HCL as a manager. After managing HCL for 18 years Campbell became the sole owner of the company. Shortly after taking ownership of the company Campbell was inspired to begin the design and development of compost turning equipment. 

Campbell's skillfulness and ingenuity resulted in the development of a robust and reliable product line of compost turners. As the owner of HCL, Campbell is involved in all aspects of the business.

HCL is a family-owned private business. Campbell's children participated in the business while growing up. In 1998 Casey Campbell, Sherrill's son, became a full-time employee of HCL. 

Casey has taken on some of the responsibilities associated with the business such as outside sales, field repairs, supervising the fabrication shop, design and manufacture, and management duties. The collaborative management approach, which HCL embraces, will ensure that it provides its customers with dependable, reliable and affordable equipment for decades to come.

In addition to manufacturing compost turners, HCL services its customers in the  following capacities:  Equipment repair  Equipment customization  Equipment design and manufacturing  Custom design and fabrication.

Dos Palos, Calif.