Broekema Beltway USA Inc.

Published in the June 2012 Issue Published online: Jun 12, 2012
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Broekema is a manufacturer of highest-quality belted chain conveyor belting for root-crop harvest equipment since the late 1950's. It has grown into an international supplier with the matching drive components and support rollers of their belted chain conveyer belting. Broekema Beltway USA Inc. is located in a 31,000-sq.-foot manufacturing facility in Pine City, Minn.

Included in their products are rivet rods, rod covering, rod securing to center belting, sprockets and drive wheels and many other replacement parts.

With a wide range of applications, Broekema's products can be found in use in over 40 countries around the world. The Broekema product is offered to manufacturing companies of agricultural harvesting and handling equipment for use in root vegetable crops such as potatoes, sugarbeets, carrots and flower bulbs.

Pine City, Minn.