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Published in the May 2012 Issue Published online: May 13, 2012
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The Euro Tiger

The Tiger provides a very high level of performance in the case of long fields and for medium size fields, where there is to be only one stack at one end.

In addition, the Harvester offers an appropriate large capacity for an exceptionally plentiful beet harvest. The surface area covered by the machine is considerably wide.

Having a large surface area guarantees optimum weight distribution, consequently, cost and reduced subsequent cultivation. The Tiger provides the basis for minimum tillage after the beet harvest.


The `euro-cabin' offers easy working conditions and an ergonomically arranged workplace. It offers a good all-round view, especially over the topping and lifting units, because of the purpose-designed cabin.


Computer aided control ensures optimum efficiency. This also gives excellent maneuverability for driving on roads. The 60° pivot articulation (30° left and right) allows the smallest possible turning circle.

Axle Weight Distribution

The beet tank volume of 40m3 is effectively distributed over 3 axles through axle load control and can be unloaded efficiently in approximately 60 seconds.

Motive Power Engineering

A super modern drive technique is combined with a highly efficient, economical and reliable V8 diesel engine and a load sensing hydraulic system. A proven, powerful drive transmission ensures highest possible traction at any time.

Axle Weight Distribution

Flail, depth wheel, cleaning rollers, transfer conveyer and cleaning turbines are individually adjustable to maximise their cleaning capability. Optimum cleaning is ensured with automatic speed adjustment.

Flail / Leaf Spreader

The integral flail, or flail with auger leaf spreader ensures a nutrition orientated leaf distribution.

Beet Lifting

The newly developed PRh unit provides clean and effective harvesting; it is maintenance friendly and low in wear and tear.

Sugar Beet Carts

Made by Ropa North America

Big and Fast

 large capacity - 34 ton plus

 fast unloading - approx. 34 ton in 90 seconds

 Each conveyor independently controlled from tractor

 All conveyors driven hydraulically

Excellent flotation provided by track system

 Robust construction- very low maintenance

 Center unloading maintains a balanced load

Efficient Loading System

 load trucks, or make perfect piles for reloading with the Maus

 drive beside, instead of tracking in front of the pile

 good visibility from the cab for unloading

 cleaning action by the scrub roller and unload conveyor

Tried and Tested Parts

 All sprockets, chains, shafts, hydraulic motors, and unload conveyor are sourced from ROPA and performance proven on the Tiger.

 Choice of left side or right side unloading

 Conveyor folds into bunker for road travel