Art's Way Sugarbeet Harvesters

Published in the May 2012 Issue Published online: May 13, 2012
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Arts WayArt's Way sugarbeet harvesters are known for their tremendous capacity and exceptional cleaning ability. The design of this system provides the industry with top quality, high performing equipment. Model 6812A is unique in its class-a complete reinvention of the harvesting machine. It begins with an innovative modular design in which the lifting heads and ferris wheel can be changed to meet specific harvesting needs. Several stages for superior cleaning include conveyor rolls, 60-inch transfer chain bed, 4 pair of 10-foot parallel grab rolls and a ferris wheel elevator. The 6812A is built for 6, 8 or 12 row harvesting with a large 4.5 ton capacity storage tank that can unload in 30 seconds or less. Its transfer elevator is hydraulically positioned to reduce beet drop, and completely fill the tank. The model 4600 features 6 or 8 rows with a 7,500 lb. storage tank and a boom height of 10' 6". Both models are built tough to handle one of the most rigorous harvesting tasks in American agriculture. Art's Way harvesters have field-proven reliability, dependability and exceptional performance.

Art's Way also offers a full range of defoliators as part of its sugarbeet harvesting lineup. These models are built in the Art's Way design of being rugged, dependable and highly productive.