Alloway 12-Row Folding Harvester

Published in the May 2012 Issue Published online: May 13, 2012

Alloway 12-Row Folding HarvesterThe uniqueness of this new 12-row is that it folds up for transport. It makes the harvester much narrower to get across bridges and such without bothering traffic.

The front digger wheels have six on each side and float, or follow the contour of the ground which is the reason for not missing a beet.

The new folding 12-row harvester is like running two six-rows in the field. You will get every beet in ditches and low spots.

Another benefit the fold-up design features is when the equipment gets plugged with mud the operator just shuts down, folds it up and all the mud drops off.

You don't have to get in to clean it off, all 12 rows fold up drop off the mud and you start it up again and get going,

A run of the great benefits include the hydraulic folding wings that reduce the width to 15 ft., 10 in. for easy transportation and storage. It also allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

The wide grab rolls and chain bed distributes dirt evenly eliminating dirt mounds in the field. For easy adjustments and leveling in the field the outside gage wheels provide this benefit.

A curved dual elevator of 84-inches of chain prevent plugging of the conveyor and the walking tandem tires make a smooth, level ride with wheels that match row spacing. Also the rock protected grab-roll bed is adjustable for extra cleaning.

Jim Thibert, Jim Lepine