Onset Data Logging

Published in the April 2012 Issue Published online: Apr 13, 2012
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Onset now offers the HOBOware 3.3, a new version of the company's graphing and analysis software that dramatically speeds up deployment time in energy and environmental monitoring projects.

HOBOware 3.3 includes a number of time-saving key features include: 1) Batch configuration and readout - With HOBOware 3.3, users configure and readout multiple data loggers in a fraction of the time it would take with previous generations; 2) Pre-launch filtering and scaling - These tools enable users to pre-configure their data loggers so upon readout, the data will display max/min/average readings at set intervals (per hour/per day), and will be automatically plotted to scale in real-world engineering units; 3) Bulk export - This enables users to quickly and easily export HOBOware files to text format for use in Microsoft Excel and other programs. The tool automates file naming and management tasks to streamline the export process and save time.

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