Baja Farms Sets World Record

Growing Betaseed variety

Published in the April 2012 Issue Published online: Apr 13, 2012

World record sugarbeet grower, Ben Abatti, Jr. of Baja Farms, was honored at the California Beet Growers annual meeting for setting a yield record using a Betaseed, Inc. variety.

Baja Farms planted Betaseed's 4521R sugarbeet variety in a 70-acre field that averaged 78.71 tons per acre, with 15.89 percent sugar content. Overall, Abatti's crop produced 25,014 pounds of sugar per acre, breaking the record by 500 lbs. Knowing the land and matching it to a variety that works, is key in growing a top crop.

"I have used various Betaseed varieties for the past 10 years, using the 4521R variety for the past four years. I conduct my own in-house trials before planting large acres of any variety. I chose this variety of seed because it out-performed all other varieties under varying conditions." Said Abatti, Jr.

Betaseed's research and development team plants several trials per market so that approved varieties of sugarbeet seed is available at planting time. Growers using these varieties have experienced strong emergence and high-yielding harvests throughout the years.

"4521R is just a great workhorse that does well, yielding tremendous tonnage and sugar content. I would strongly recommend this variety to anyone wanting to increase their bottom line. From the strong vigor shown at emergence to the high tonnage harvested at the end. This plant produces results! It is truly an honor to hold this world record." said Abatti, Jr. with family by his side as he received the award.

World record sugarbeet crops are not new to Betaseed. In 2002, Betaseed variety 4430R yielded over 20,773 lbs. of sugar per acre to set the world record that stood for many years.

Betaseed, Inc., headquartered in Shakopee, Minn. is the market leader in sugarbeet seed research and development. Known for strong variety performance, Betaseed has had a longstanding commitment to the beet sugar industry focusing its research on developing new varieties to improve the efficiency, and profitability of sugar production for over 40 years.