Irrometer Watermark Monitor

Published in the February 2012 Issue Published online: Feb 14, 2012
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Lower operating costs and improve crop yields by monitoring soil conditions with the Watermark Monitor from Irrometer. The Watermark Monitor is an irrigation data management system that automatically records soil moisture and other sensor readings. The readings can be displayed in the field, downloaded at the site and viewed graphically on a computer, or viewed from a remote location miles away. Data interpretation can help improve irrigation scheduling for improved productivity and reduced waste.

The 900M Monitor is a cost-effective data logger that can monitor eight wired sensor inputs. Optional equipment allows remote connectivity using radio, cellular or satellite communication, providing worldwide access to data.

Features include eight channels, a selectable reading frequency, large data capacity and in-field display. The data graphs display on user's computer for easy interpretation, and it reads soil moisture, temperature, switch closure event and rain sensors.