IACO Hose Booms

Published in the February 2012 Issue Published online: Feb 14, 2012 Tyler Baum
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Dry Wheel PackageInstalling Part-Circle Rotators on Hose Booms minimizes wheel tracking issues and maximizes the effectiveness of part-circle devises as compared to mounting on straight drops. The IACO Hose Boom is the only boom recommended by Nelson for use with the Part-Circle Rotator.

Sixteen feet of 17-gauge galvanized tubing means a full 15 feet of offset. With 24 feet of hose already installed, you have a totally non-corrosive connection. No more rust flakes! New galvanized brackets with slotted holes make for easy assembly. IACO now manufactures a 10-foot Hose Boom, providing just the right amount of offset necessary when installing PC-R3000 Rotators.