2012 Tillage Solutions from John Deere

3 New 2600 Disks and 1 Vertical Tillage Tool

Published in the February 2012 Issue Published online: Feb 14, 2012
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Vertical Tillage ToolFor the 2012 tillage season, John Deere offers three new 2600 Series Disks and one new vertical tillage tool designed to provide everything from more muscle for penetrating, chopping and mixing soil and crop residue in a single pass to creating a uniform seedbed. The "beefier" new 2600 Series tillage lineup includes the 2625 Disk, 2623 Disk, 2620 Disk and 2623VT (Vertical Tillage).

The 2625 Disk is designed to be a heavyweight primary tillage tool, the 2625 sizes and buries heavy corn and other crop residue, resulting in 30 percent or less residue cover on fields. The 2625 Disk comes in five different working widths from 23 ft. 7 in. to 40 ft. 8 in. The 2625 Disks provide a maximum working depth up to 8 inches and a minimum of 280 lbs. of weight per blade (with the base blade and spacing) to cut through the heaviest soils and crop residue.

The 2623 Disk is engineered for its dual flexibility as either a primary or secondary tillage tool. It features 24- and 26-inch disk blades set on 9-inch spacing, C-spring standards with weights per blade ranging from 201 to 243 lbs. depending on the selected blade size and width model. It provides a working tillage depth of up to 6 inches, making it ideal for use in post-harvest residue chopping or preparing spring seedbeds for planting.

Tilling lighter soils and creating the ideal seedbed for planting, the 2620 Disk is designed to loosen the top 3 to 5 inches of soil. It features 22- or 24-inch blades on 7.25- or 9-inch spacings with weight per blade of 179 to 209 lbs. (base blade and spacing), which allows it to be customized to a producer's soil type and planting practices. A harrow or rolling basket can easily be added to help break up clods and create a more consistent soil surface for planting. It comes in 10 different width models ranging from 20 ft. 9 in. to 49 ft. 3 in.

For producers looking to size residue, mix residue and soil, and create a level soil profile, the new John Deere 2623VT offers the latest in technology and toughness with its unique angled gang and blade configuration. The front gang has 22-inch shallow concavity spherical blades on 7.25-in. spacings and is angled 21 degrees to provide maximum residue chopping while helping the blade maintain a longer sharp edge. The rear gang has 22-inch shallow concavity wavy blades on a 19-degree angle that helps anchor residue and aerate the soil. The 2623VT is available in five different widths from 26 ft. 5 in. to 40 ft. 8 in. and can be operated at 7 to 10 mph to cover more acres in less time.