Three Good Reasons...

Published in the November 2011 Issue Published online: Nov 30, 2011 News Seedex Marketing Team

Beet FieldWe've all heard someone say, "Give me three good reasons" about something or other they were talking about. Well, we can give you more than three good reasons to plant Seedex on your farm. Our strong genetics and breeding program are the backbone of our success. Bred strictly for U.S. growers, our varieties have what it takes to provide outstanding yield and quality and ultimately more profit to your bottom line.

Buying from someone you trust can make all the difference when it comes to selecting your sugarbeet varieties. At Seedex, we believe our farmer dealers are the best in the business. They know our varieties, because they plant them on their farms. And they're your neighbors, so when you plant Seedex, you're getting experience in every since of the word, from good old-fashioned product research to local product support and customer service.

Getting a good stand is one of the most important aspects of sugarbeet production. You have to start off on the right foot to come to the best conclusion. Quick emergence and strong vigor are essential to getting good yield and quality.

Add a balanced disease package to the list and you've got it covered. Seedex breeders focus on multiple disease tolerance. This means our varieties have above-average tolerance to more than one disease. We've got specialty varieties bred for certain growing regions and disease tolerance, but will always provide the complete package, and protection where you need it.

Seedex is proud to offer XBEET priming, as standard treatment on all our varieties in planted in American Crystal, Michigan and Minn-Dak. Trials showing the benefits of uniform and quick emergence of XBEET are ongoing in the Sidney Sugars and Amalgamated Sugar regions also. Results have consistently shown increased stand, yield and revenue.

Our product pipeline is bringing increased sugar, increased disease tolerance and many more traits that will bring value to your beet crop.

In Michigan, Seedex growers are seeing great results with the new RR varieties. With a new dealer network handling seed and customer service, Cory Guza and his Winfield Solutions team will be there to answer questions and help you decide which varieties work for you.

In the Amalgamated Sugar area Seedex has two varieties waiting for approval for sale in 2012. They'll feature increased sugar as well as Root Aphid and Rhizomania tolerance.

In the Sidney Sugars area growers could see a new variety approved that will bring increased sugar plus good Fusarium tolerance.

American Crystal growers found Seedex varieties to be one of the best performing on their farm in 2011 and should have two newly approved RR varieties that will bring added Rhizoctonia and Aphanomyces tolerance, plus increased sugar. We'll also have our conventional Tandem Technology variety available for those growers who need the added protection of a double tolerant RZM variety.

Seedex is excited about our future varieties for Western & Wyoming Sugar growers. Be watching for the strong characteristics Seedex delivered in our Conventional varieties, but now in multi-stacked RR varieties featuring Fusarium, Cercospora, Root Aphid, Curly Top and Nematode tolerance.

So no matter where you grow sugarbeets, you can feel confident, knowing you have more than three good reasons to plant Seedex. And trust us, if you need more, just ask!

XBEET is a registered trademark of Germains Seed Technology.

Tandem Technology is a registered trademark of SESVanderHave.