Sweet Talk

A Sweet-ful Punch

Published in the November 2011 Issue Published online: Nov 30, 2011 News Nancy Sanchez, Editor
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Sometimes small things toss powerful punches. and that is often the beginning of big things.

A tiny beet seed grows into a large root with big, beautiful green tops. Inside that root a tiny substance emerges through a process to bring greatness in flavorful foods.

My favorite is chocolate.

I can't have sweet chocolate without the sweet goodness of sugar.

Therefore, taking great care to select the best seed for the powerful punch is of utmost importance.

This time of year, discussions move on past harvest and into scheduling and selecting seed for planting.

What's the new and improved seed for 2012?

Each year Sugar Producer needs to provide that information for you in the Nov/Dec issue.

Thankfully we have information from each seed company that will help in your planning for the 2012 growing season.

Take special note of the advice from the ASGA column. Luther Markwart and his team are working hard to navigate the sugarbeet industry through the next phase having to do with the Environmental Impact Statement.

Markwart states, "We anticipate the document to be significantly large and comprehensive. It is very important for all our growers to submit individual and unique comments to the USDA on EIS."

More importantly Markwart strongly suggests each of you to look to your cooperative/company for analysis and to submit your comments regarding the EIS. He states that it is the most important thing you, as a grower, can do to support the continued production of RRSB.