Hilleshög Brand Sugarbeet Seed

Published in the November 2011 Issue Published online: Nov 30, 2011 Feature Hilleshög/Syngenta Marketing Team
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Hilleshog vs. competitionSyngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seeds continues to supply high-performing sugarbeet varieties with key disease traits to meet the challenges of your growing area. Our variety development is the result of our innovative R&D practices including disease screening, breeding, variety selection, and technology evaluation at specially designed facilities throughout the beet growing regions of the United States. This leads to a more consistent performance on the farm year after year.

Our innovative R&D practices have allowed Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seeds to establish itself as the clear leader in Rhizoctonia control. This yield robbing disease continues to be an increasing concern across a majority of the sugarbeet acres. Rhizoctonia can lead to reduced yields, reduced sugar per ton and pile loss. Our genetics provide industry leading tolerance and should be your first choice to control this devastating disease.

At Syngenta we take great pride in delivering the highest level of seed quality to our customers. Our quality standards require extensive testing at multiple stages of the production process to ensure optimal germination, vigor, purity and plant ability. Our high quality standards help us support your goal of maximizing returns for your farm.

For more information on varieties to meet the unique challenges found in your growing area, see our listings below.

Amalgamated East

Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed will have a good selection of fully approved* varieties combined with test market offerings pending approval*. 9047RR is a high quality variety with good yield potential. With its strong Curly Top and Root Aphid tolerance, 9120RR is planted throughout the Amalgamated area. The starting line-up includes 9294RR, 9295RR, and PM9172RR. 9294RR brings a nice balance of quality and tons. 9295RR delivers moderate tolerance to Root Aphid, Curly Top and Fusarium. PM9172RR is a great Root Aphid and Curly top variety with very good Powdery Mildew tolerance, as well as moderate Erwinia tolerance.

Amalgamated West

Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed will continue to offer 9120RR as a leader in sugar yield. 9120RR showed excellent early season vigor along with its stacked disease package led to strong field performance in 2011. 9120RR offers superior Root Aphid and Curly Top tolerance along with good Fusarium tolerance and moderate Erwinia tolerance making it a great choice for the Amalgamated West growing region.

PM9172RR provides growers with strong Curly Top, Powdery Mildew and Root Aphid tolerance along with moderate Erwinia tolerance. 9295RR has strong Curly Top and Erwinia tolerance along with moderate Root Aphid and Fusarium tolerance.

American Crystal

As root diseases continue to increase in severity and incidence throughout the American Crystal growing region, Syngenta's genetics offered under the Hilleshög brand offer unmatched tolerance to aid in overcoming these yield robbing diseases. Syngenta's genetics offered under the Hilleshög brand offer industry leading Rhizoctonia tolerance that can be found in several varieties stacked with the Aphanomyces and Cercospora tolerance. These varieties not only provide stacked disease tolerance, they are also designed to help deliver exceptional revenue potential per acre in difficult growing conditions.

4022RR and 4094RR bring industry leading Rhizoctonia stacked with excellent Aphanomyces tolerance. Both of these varieties exhibited tremendous in-field performance capabilities across a large number of acres in 2011. 4012RR brings exceptional Aphanomyces tolerance in a tonnage type variety. We plan to build upon our existing portfolio with 4195RR; delivering strong Aphanomyces tolerance stacked with moderate Rhizoctonia tolerance combined with very strong overall revenue potential per acre. 4043RR will be available in 2012 and offers good Aphanomyces control with excellent yield potential.

Michigan Sugar Cooperative

Meeting the demand of the growers for disease tolerant varieties with many stacked traits is and always will be the focus of Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed. Syngenta is the first seed company to offer a fully approved* Rhizoctonia tolerant variety, 27RR. All of our material offered today has many levels of Rhizoctonia tolerance, stacked with other great traits for Cercospora and Root Aphid.


 27RR is the first fully approved* Rhizoctonia tolerant variety with great field performance.
 28RR is the grower's choice and top selling variety for the last three years.
 131RR good RWST (Recoverable White Sugar per Ton) with key stacked disease traits.
 133RR offering disease traits with a balanced quality and yield benefit.
 173RR can deliver higher sugar content while maintaining great disease tolerance to Rhizoctonia and Cercospora Leaf Spot.


Minn-Dak growers have seen an increase in the presence and severity of Rhizoctonia Crown and Root Rot in 2011. With the late spring planting and excessive moisture, the conditions were right for increased Rhizoctonia infection. Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed varieties, with industry leading Rhizoctonia tolerance, provided good protection against the early and aggressive Rhizoctonia infection seen in the majority of the growing region.

For the 2012 growing season, Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed is pleased to offer three Rhizoctonia tolerant varieties to the Minn-Dak market; 4022RR 4062RR and 4204RR. With stacked Rhizoctonia, Aphanomyces, and Cercospora tolerance, 4022RR and 4062RR have performed extremely well in the Minn-Dak growing area. 4204RR offers moderate Rhizoctonia tolerance with increased sugar yield potential. 4012RR is a Minn-Dak staple, a tonnage type variety with excellent Aphanomyces control, has been a top performer since its introduction in 2008.


Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed varieties in the Sidney growing area continue to bring producers strong revenue per acre by combining top notch sugar per ton with overall yield. Varieties such as 4010RR and 4125RR have consistently delivered these desirable characteristics across a number of acres in the Sidney area. A contributing factor in helping to deliver exceptional revenue potential is the high level of Cercospora tolerance built into Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed varieties. Syngenta continues to build upon its current disease package to meet the needs of the Sidney sugarbeet growers. We recognize Fusarium is becoming a serious threat to the Sidney growing region, and as a result plan to offer 9270RR with good Fusarium tolerance and yield potential for 2012.

Southern Minn

The early wet conditions in 2011 were favorable for disease infections caused by Rhizoctonia, Aphanomyces and Cercospora Leaf Spot. Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed, with industry leading Rhizoctonia tolerance, fared very well under the increased Rhizoctonia pressure observed across Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative. The high level of Cercospora pressure led to the need for multiple fungicide applications. Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seed varieties offers a high level of Cercospora tolerance which is a major tool in Cercospora control, reducing inoculum levels and diminishing the effects of Cercospora infection within the plant.

Syngenta is pleased to offer four Hilleshög brand varieties to Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Coop growers in 2012. 9093RR, 4063RR, and 4096RR all offer excellent Rhizoctonia tolerance combined with Cercospora and Aphanomyces control. 9093RR is a top performer in the region, with excellent Rhizoctonia tolerance and Cercospora control, 9093RR is well suited to the needs of Southern Minnesota growers. 4063RR has a strong disease package with outstanding Rhizoctonia, Aphanomyces and Cercospora tolerance. With the exceptional stacked traits, this variety will continue to offer high yield potential. 4096RR is a high sugar type variety, combined with Rhizoctonia control; an excellent choice to increase the quality of your crop. Since its introduction in 2008, 4017RR has been an outstanding field performer, a high sugar variety, and performs very well in low disease environments.

Western Sugar South Commercial

 9042RR is a top sugar per ton variety, positioned great for early harvest and long hauls. Key attributes include superior emergence and a well balanced disease package for Root Aphid, Cercospora and Rhizoctonia Tolerance.
 9024RR is a top sugar per acre low SLM (Sugar loss to molasses) variety. Key attributes include Rhizoctonia, Cercospora and Aphanomyces tolerance, excellent emergence, tight crown and a smooth root shape.
 9027RR is a solid performer with great recoverable sugar per ton and a strong disease package. Key attributes include exceptional Rhizoctonia and Cercospora tolerance, and moderate Aphanomyces tolerance.
 9032RR is a well balanced tons and sugar variety. Key attributes include Aphanomyces and Cercospora tolerance, combined with moderate Root Aphid tolerance, quick emergence and a large upright canopy.
 9120RR is a Curly Top and Fusarium variety. Key attributes include Root Aphid and Cercospora tolerance combined with quality and yield potential.
 9055RR is a Rhizoctonia variety. Key attributes include excellent Root Aphid & Cercospora Tolerance combined with above average Sugar per Ton, a great choice for early harvest and long hauls.
 9173RR is bringing excellent quality results with good Rhizoctonia tolerance and Cercospora control.

Western Sugar North

Syngenta's Hilleshög brand of sugarbeet seeds will have two fully approved* varieties for Western Sugar North for 2012. 9036RR has been a highly productive variety for the past three years in Montana and Wyoming with good Fusarium and Curly Top tolerance along with a high root yield. New in 2010, 9120RR has terrific yield potential to go with its stacked disease package and excellent early season vigor. This variety offers superior Root Aphid and Curly Top tolerance along with good Fusarium tolerance making it a great choice for the Western Sugar North growing area.

Wyoming Sugar

Wyoming Sugar will offer three fully approved* Syngenta Hilleshög brand varieties. Growers will have a portfolio of strong performing varieties to choose from; 9036RR, 9120RR, and 9124RR. A high sugar variety, 9124RR has a nicely shaped root with low SLM. This is a great choice for long hauls, maximizing sugar in every truckload. Syngenta also has several new varieties in the trials with great potential that may be offered pending approval*.

Lantic Sugar

Syngenta plans to offer three varieties of Hilleshög brand sugarbeet seed for the 2012 growing season. We will have our tried and tested 9003RR and to complement this strong variety we will have 9103RR and 9108RR. All these varieties will bring growers strong emergence combined with the high sugar potential demanded by growers in this region.