Betaseed Invests in Further Research

Adds Multi Source to Product Line

Published in the November 2011 Issue Published online: Nov 30, 2011 News Betaseed Marketing Team
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BetaseedWith 36 dedicated researchers, Betaseed is the sugarbeet seed industry's leading research and breeding organization devoted entirely to developing high-performing, multiple disease-tolerant sugarbeet seed varieties to meet grower requirements. For over 40 years, Betaseed has invested resources in research to develop sugarbeet varieties growers can count on performing in their fields. We have recently made two significant investments in our research facilities that will provide benefits to the sugar beet industry for years to come:

Investment in a new greenhouse-This past spring, Betaseed opened a 9,700-square-foot greenhouse at our Shakopee, Minn. location for use in developing new traits for sugar beets. Built at a cost of approximately a million dollars, the facility is designed specifically to grow plants developed with biotechnology and features state of the art automated controls for the production of a crop throughout the year.

Investment in additional land for disease nurseries-Betaseed purchased 150 acres in Randolph, Minnesota in September of 2010 for the development of future disease nurseries, greatly expanding our current effort at our Shakopee and Rosemount nursery locations.

For the upcoming season, Betaseed is looking forward to offering our expanded market leading portfolio of highly resistant cyst nematode varieties with the Roundup Ready trait. Trial results and field performance in 2010 has shown that these varieties have shown production benefits even when planted in areas without a past history of nematode infestation.

This fall growers will also be pleased to learn more about the number of varieties available in the Betaseed product line that provide MultiSource tolerance to rhizomania. Betaseed has been focused on many approaches to developing rhizomania tolerance and has adopted an aggressive breeding program to incorporate more than one source of tolerance in our varieties.

At Betaseed, we lead the industry in sugarbeet disease research while focusing on field performance for your prosperity. Sugarbeet seed research-IT IS A BIG DEAL.