Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Coalition Organize March

Published online: Jul 28, 2011
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The belief of this coalition is that by marching from NYC to Wash D.C. the organization members hope to get the govt. to pass legilation requiring GMO food to have labels saying so.
Interesting that the demand from group members and leaders view this as a necessary govt. responsibility even though there is no credible scientific research showing GMO food as harmful.
Additionally the group continues to misrepresent the truth about GMO crops. Some of the false belief these groups are spreading is that GMO crops require additional herbicide applications when the exact opposite is true.
Perhaps as an industry it would be wise to stand up and speak out in defense of GMO crop production. There is never a good time to let misrepresentation carry on when the ultimate harm to consumers is the untruths they are being fed. 
The agricultural industry is developing food to feed a growing world population. The value of these developments are priceless.
Growers need to be aware of the coalitions that continue to put a stop to agricultural progress. Time to take a vocal stand and let the unassuming public know the true benefits of GMO production.

View the Right2KnowMarch website to see exactly what they are trying to do to the agriculture industry.