Ag Phone App-nation

Published online: Jul 29, 2011
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Provides a GPS based real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data. The app retrieves graphical summaries of soil types. Images also provide detailed information on named soils. Free. http://casoilresource.lawr/. drupal/book/export/html/902

Its Mobile Manager app allows farmers to monitor irrigation in real time. Free app, but account purchase necessary at www.

This app identifies common pests through images and animal droppings. It includes a searchable menu that organizes pests by type. Download at iTunes for $1.99.

This app displays a local list of top invasive plants and/or animals with images and short descriptions.
Farmers can browse a list. If they see one, click the name and send GPS location to experts. Free at

With this app farmers can access a series of interactive ranch calculators (stocking rate, fed hay predictions, embryo calf breakevens, calf crop breakevens, annual cow cost, cow supplementation and horse supplementation), which allow them to manipulate input values unique to an operation for custom output values. Free at iTunes or www.

This app by Dupont helps farmers determine the proper amount of chemicals and chemical-to-water ratio to fill a specific tank size or treat a specific size field.
Free at Production_Agriculture/en_US/tank_mix.html

This tool for iPhone from Syngenta allows for easy and efficient calculation of filling plans for spraying. It saves time and ensures high accuracy in the tank mixing based on area, tank size, product, dosage and driving speed.
Free at http://appshopper/. com/utilities/syngenta-tankcalc

Plant Population
This app by DeKalb allows farmers to calculate the optimum planting population for corn or soybean seed based on row width, soil type and maturity zone. Accurately calibrate your air seeder, seed drill or planter based on seed size. Free at

From the Field
This app by Pioneer Hi-Bred allows farmers to see what the company's agronomy team is seeing in the field in real time. Farmers read about pests, weed and conditions.
Free at