PNW Pest Alert: cutworms in fields near Grandview, Idaho

Published online: Apr 20, 2011 PNW Pest Alert
A new alert is posted to Amalgamated Sugar Company Field Reps are reporting cutworms have been found in sugarbeet fields near Grandview, Idaho. There are many species of cutworms that attack sugarbeets, but all are nocturnal, so you may see injury but not readily find the insect damaging the sugarbeets. Cutworms are usually worse in fields where there is crop residue, such as following alfalfa. If you see "skips" in the field, dig around in the soil where you would have expected a plant and you will likely find the lower portion of a cut plant. Larvae are often found less than an inch below the soil surface near a damaged plant. If you have any questions, contact your Amalgamated Fieldman. To view the full alert, and to download any attached files, please go to