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New Plant Breeder and Restructuring Resesarch & Development

Published online: Feb 01, 2011 Feature Betaseed
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New Plant Breeder

Betaseed has named Dr. Hans-Henning Voss Plant Breeder at its Western Sugarbeet Research Center in Kimberly, ID. Dr. Voss will be responsible for the curly top and Genuity Roundup Ready breeding programs.
Since March, 2010, Dr. Voss has been a participant of the KWS SAAT AG's Breeders Academy program at the Kimberly station. His education also includes a Master of Science degree in agricultural sciences from the Georg-August-University in Gottingen, Germany as well as a Ph.D. from the State Plant Breeding Institute at the University of Hohenheim in Germany. He most recently worked as head of wheat breeding, as well as assisted in hybrid-rye breeding, at Dieckmann Seeds, Nienstadt, Germany.

Restructuring R & D

Betaseed is restructuring the research and development organization to support key strategic initiatives.
Jay Miller is promoted to Director of Breeding and Product Management. In this new role Miller will provide corporate leadership for all North American research, breeding, and product management activities. Miller's team includes four plant breeders, plant pathologists, product management, and technical specialists. Miller has been at Betaseed over 25 years in various roles including plant breeding, station management, and product management. Miller will continue to work directly with KWS SAAT Ag, Einbeck, Germany, providing innovative, relevant technologies and genetics to North American markets.

Steve Kober is promoted to the newly created position of Director of Stations - Betaseed. In this new role Kober will provide leadership to Station Managers in Shakopee, Minn.; Moorhead, Minn.; and Kimberly, Idaho, and to station personnel in implementing team-based breeding and field work supporting corporate initiatives. Kober has been at Betaseed for 20 years in various roles including product management and breeding. Kober will continue to work with KWS SAAT Ag in implementing new trial protocols and innovative farming technologies.

The restructuring fully aligns departments to continue providing North American sugarbeet growers with innovative products that include tools to develop new biotechnology traits, seed treatments, and improved disease tolerance with yield.

Betaseed, Inc., headquartered in Shakopee, Minn., is the North American market leader in sugarbeet seed research and development. Known for strong variety performance, Betaseed has had a longstanding commitment to the beet sugar industry focusing research on developing new varieties to improve the efficiency and profitability of sugar production.