We'll Be There in 2011

Published in the November 2010 Issue Published online: Nov 08, 2010 Kristal Rick
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Newly topped beetsNo matter what type of sugarbeet seed growers are able to plant in 2011, Roundup Ready or conventional, SESVanderHave will be there. We'll be there with the same strong genetics growers have trusted over the years.

For the last three years, SESVanderHave's conventional research and breeding program has remained constant even in a Roundup market. We've continued entering conventional varieties in Coded Trials and continued selling those top performing varieties. So no matter what our growers need, our foundation remains the same.

One of the most important factors influencing profitability in sugarbeets is a good stand, or plant population. By starting with varieties strong in vigor and emergence, like SESVanderHave genetics, you know you are off to a good start.

We support factory decisions to endorse XBEET priming and offer that and other forms of priming in various markets because our growers want it. This has only helped the performance of our already high-yielding varieties and enhanced the uniform and consistent stands that bring superior quality to already excellent yields.

SESVanderHave and Holly HybridWe work hard every year on our proprietary trials and grower strip trials in many growing regions so that we can learn together with the local Agriculturalists, and observe how our varieties work for you, in your region. We focus our efforts in educating our dealers and growers on finding the right variety for every acre. Whether it is a strong balanced variety that can safely be planted anywhere on your farm or a specialty disease variety that's bred for a field that needs more disease protection, from Rhizoctonia, Aphanomyces, Fusarium and Rhizomania tolerance.

We're proud to offer our Tandem Technology varieties that feature RZM tolerance from both parents, giving it double the protection. These Tandem varieties have been on the market for three years now and are giving growers in those tough Rhizomania areas the chance to produce a successful crop again.

The agronomic characteristics of our varieties are what growers look for to make their harvest easier, and more profitable, from the shape of the root in lifting and having lower tare, to the small crown when defoliating.

SESVanderHave partners with Holly Hybrids to provide theses winning genetics across all sugarbeet growing regions in the U.S. As planting decisions are made throughout these growing regions and you are choosing the seed you'll plant in 2011, talk to your area SESVanderHave or Holly Hybrids representative. They'll help you select the seed that meets approval both by your sugar company and you, because it's the right fit for your farm.

In the American Crystal area SESVanderHave has a highly qualified network of dealers who work with Nick Revier, sales manager for the region, in providing balanced varieties that work across ACSC's area, as well as specialized disease tolerant varieties for those areas that need additional protection.

In the Minn-Dak area, talk to Sales Manager Brian Clouse with Holly Hybrids who works side by side with your Minn-Dak Agriculturists. Take a look at his trial data and discuss the proven performance of his varieties on your farm.

Brian Clouse also works with growers from SMBSC, and the Southern Minn. Agriculturists in providing varieties for the tough conditions you fight every year in that region.

In the Sydney Sugars area, talk to Sales Manager Ron Groskopf, who works with local dealers, Keith Nelson and Phil Hurley. Ask them about their variety strip trials, XBEET priming or nematode resistance.

In the Brawley area, growers are familiar with the high-yielding varieties you've come to know, including the 2010 world record-breaking genetics. Talk to your local agriculturists and Holly Sales Manager Serban Marinescu for the Spreckels area.

Working with Amalgamated growers, is a new face to our team this year, but a familiar face to growers in that area; Ben Bingham. We welcome Ben's knowledge of sugarbeets both as a grower and an agriculturist. Look to him and his team of dealers in the Idaho area, including Greg Cameron, Scott Beck, Weston Schulties, Logan Taylor, Ron Tiegs and Steve Whitaker, for some good insight when selecting your SESVanderHave genetics this year!

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