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Published in the November 2010 Issue Published online: Nov 08, 2010 Kristal Rick
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Mark & BenSeedex Sugarbeet seed's high-yielding genetics, with the help of our knowledgeable dealer network, has become a standard variety on many farms in U.S. market areas.

Seedex varieties are well known for their strong vigor and fast emergence. Final plant populations top the charts right along with performance in yield and revenue per acre. Having XBEET priming as standard treatment on our seed in American Crystal, Michigan and Minn-Dak and being introduced in trials in the Sidney area, has only added to the uniform emergence and stands of Seedex sugarbeet seed.

We also focus on a balanced disease package in our Seedex varieties, specific to the growing areas needs, such as Cercospora, Aphanomyces, Curly Top tolerance, Rhizoctonia and Rhizomania. Seedex's double tolerant Tandem Technology variety showed great results in American Crystal's most heavily infected RZM area in 2010, giving growers less sprangled roots, less tare and great quality and yield.

With sugar always the central point in varieties, our breeders are focused on bringing higher quality and ultimately more recoverable sugar per acre to our already high yielding and low loss to molasses varieties. All these strengths mean more to enhance your business.

Ron GroskopfAnother strength of our Seedex varieties is the grower dealers who plant them. You know who they are-your neighbors. You wave to them on the road and see them in town and they'll be the first one to stop and ask how your beets are doing. They are there when you have a question or concern and they speak from experience because they plant the same varieties on their farms--and those farms aren't far from yours. They'll tell you what works for them in tough disease conditions or in specific crop rotations.

Your local Seedex dealer takes the time to learn from your experiences with our varieties as well. Each year they have several strip trials and side-by-side comparisons of Seedex varieties with others either on their farms or on customer's farms like yours.

See Ron Groskopf of Holly Hybrids for your Seedex varieties in Michigan Sugar. The agriculturists work with Ron to provide Seedex varieties there. Ron Groskopf also manages sales in the Sidney Sugars area, working with two local farmer dealers there.

New for Seedex varieties in the Amalgamated area this year is Ben Bingham of Holly Hyrids. For a list of his local Seedex dealers and varieties in the Amalgamated area see their website

For the Minn-Dak Farmer's Cooperative growers, Mike Dohman works with the Agriculturalists in finding the right Seedex variety for your farm in the southern Red River Valley.

Mike Dohman also works with an experienced dealer network in the American Crystal Sugar area to provide good advice and recommendations on varieties for that area. For complete dealer information for those five factory areas, see