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Published online: Nov 08, 2010 staff report
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2011 ASGA Annual Meeting The 2011 ASGA Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona at the Westin La Paloma, promises to be highly informative, covering a broad range of timely topics that impact the industry. A distinguished lineup of speakers has been selected to address those issues, making it a "can't miss" meeting for beet growers and industry suppliers. Sunday, February 6 The meeting kicks off with a golf tournament on Sunday morning and a Welcome Reception in the evening. Phone in presentations from leading members of the House and Senate Ag Committees are currently unscheduled but planned for, pending their respective schedules and availability. They are the decision-and-policy makers, and we welcome the opportunity to hear from them and ask them questions about their views on how agriculture can have a voice in the halls of Congress. Monday, February 7 Politics and Policy-Which Way will the Pendulum Swing? Now that the Congress has settled in after a raucous election, Jim Wiesemeyer will take a look at how well the House and Senate will function under the weight of budgetary shortfalls, rising debt, ideological pressures, and the legislative goals of the White House. Is trade now "in," and climate change "out"? What does the New Agenda mean for agriculture as it looks ahead to the 2012 Farm Bill? Managing the Farm Bill-How's It Working For Sugar? At the midpoint of the 2008 Farm Bill and the new sugar policy, is it proving to be effective? Has it been able to cope with the uncertainties of unlimited sugar from Mexico? Are supply and demand in balance? Dan Colacicco (FSA-USDA) is charged with helping USDA manage the sugar policy, and he will share his analysis regarding the improvements and challenges of making the program work. Litigation Update (Closed session for growers and members of the joint defense). What's ahead for Roundup Ready sugarbeets? That's the question on every grower's mind. Gil Keteltas, the Industry's lead Counsel, will speak in a session that is open only to parties of the lawsuit. LUNCHEON SPEAKER Kelly Clay, President of the Admiral Beverage Company in Worland, Wyoming, is an outstanding advocate of using beet sugar in soft drinks. He'll give a customer's perspective of the advantages of using real sugar in beverages. The day concludes with an evening reception, with dinner on your own. Tuesday, February 8 The 2010 Elections--Impact on the 2012 Farm Bill. Elections changed the dynamics on Capitol Hill that will directly impact America's farmers. Will budgetary, energy, food security and nutrition issues overwhelm the structure and priorities of the Farm Bill? What's the timetable for consideration and action on a new bill, and what does agriculture have to do to prepare for the bumpy ride ahead? Larry Combest, former Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee (R-TX), will share his unique insights, experience and guidance on the challenges in crafting a farm bill and sugar policy in the current political and economic climate. Counterpoint The Sugar Users' View of Sugar Policy. The Industry's customers see the sugar program in a different way. Their concerns about the costs to consumers, job loss, trade issues, and supply will be outlined by Randy Green, President of the Sweetener Users Association. What are the changes that the Users want to see in the next Farm Bill? Wrap Up ASGA Executive Vice President Luther Markwart will review the Association's key objectives for 2011 and open it up for a brisk Question and Answer session to end the day's session. It's a chance for attendees to ask their Washington representative the questions that are on their minds. PRESIDENT'S LUNCHEON SPEAKER The entertaining Damian Mason-a comedian with an enthusiasm for the agriculture industry-will present his hilarious, ag-themed program, `Humor for the Heart of Agriculture," during the President's Luncheon. Damian combines his farm background and knowledge with a brilliant sense of comedic timing. The result is a funny, relevant, and uplifting presentation that resonates with today's ag professional. Visit