Monsanto Outlines New Weed Management Platform

Published online: Oct 22, 2010 PR Newswire
Monsanto Company outlined its new platform on weed management to provide the framework needed to manage weeds in the absence or presence of glyphosate-resistance. The Roundup Ready PLUS platform allows farmers to increase the benefits of their Roundup Ready crops by using the best practice recommendations and receiving financial incentives for following the program. The platform is designed to provide effective and sustainable weed control benefits for farmers. The announcement was made this morning at the opening of the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Ga., where the Company's team is visiting with Southeastern farmers. The Roundup Ready PLUS platform provides weed management recommendations for Roundup Ready crops for each farm situation, by pairing crop protection products from Monsanto and other companies. To learn more please visit: