Lucas Encourages All Americans to Stand Up and Be Heard

Published online: Mar 17, 2010 Committee on Agriculture
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WASHINGTON - Ranking Member Frank Lucas encouraged all Americans to call Congress and voice their concerns about the direction of our country during a live broadcast on the AgriTalk radio show. The broadcast was part of AgriTalk's annual Ag Week in Washington, D.C. Part of that broadcast is below: "We have many challenges ahead of us. To defend the resources committed in the farm bill. To keep the EPA out of our barnyards and off of our fields. We have a challenge to make sure the administration and the leadership in Congress don't re-create one-sixth of our economy in the form of health care. "It is time for every citizen out there to call his or her Member of Congress. Make your voices known. "There are tremendous decisions about to be made - incredible pressure from the leadership of the present Majority and the White House. "Call and reinforce your Member of Congress. That's what you've got to do if you care about the Constitution, the future of rural America, and the country as a whole." To listen to the entire broadcast click here. ### Agriculture Committee Republican Press Office