Planter Test Stand

Sponsored by ACH Seed

Published online: Feb 09, 2010 Feature Nancy Sanchez, Editor
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The planter test stand was set up in a workshop area of Christiansen Implement. Growers were invited to bring in their seed hopper or planter box to be tested on the machine.

Joe Giles retired NDSU research/planter specialist strongly suggests all growers get their planters tested prior to planting.
The end of February and the first part of March is when Jeff Woodman, ACH - Crystal Seed brings the planter test stand out and sets it up for two days of testing. It is a free service that is offered to all growers in the area.

The planter test stand simulates planting. By putting the planter box on a drive, it simulates what happens in the field. A grease belt moves at the speed the grower will pull his planter while seed is dropped on the belt. By setting the rpm for the speed spacing the grower wants in his field he can simulate his ground speed and establish the spacing.

The purpose of the planter test stand is to find out if the planter is working properly. And if there is a problem the experts are there to help make adjustments and or suggest part replacements on the planter boxes.

It is all designed to ensure proper planting by tuning up the planters and making the necessary adjustments. It makes a world of difference when the seed is planted correctly. This is a huge step in protecting your seed investment.

Check out the planter test stand services in your area right away, they are taking place all over the growing areas.
Contact Jeff Woodman or your local seed sales agent to find out when it will be held in your area.