Syngenta-Hilleshog Varieties for 2010

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Published online: Jan 05, 2010 Feature Syngenta Representatives
Western North and Wyoming

Syngenta's Hilleshög varieties are known for their exceptional plant-ability, strong emergence, and overall performance. With five Roundup Ready traited varieties to choose from for 2010, Hilleshög brand varieties are committed to developing varieties to meet the needs of the Western North and Wyoming sugar markets.

Top performing varieties 9025RR, 9023RR, and 9036RR will be available for 2010, providing excellent Curly Top, Cercospora, and Rhizomainia tolerance with high yield potential. New for 2010, 9120RR offers a solid disease package with Fusarium tolerance and increased sugar yield. 9124RR delivers high sugar per ton and extraordinary quality which is well suited to long haul situations.

Syngenta is proud of its honest, knowledgeable, and hardworking sales team with over 85 years experience working with sugar beets and providing sugar beet genetics to the Montana and Wyoming growing regions.

Sidney Sugar

Syngenta's high performing genetics brought to you by Hilleshög brand, including 4010RR, were a key component in the introduction of Roundup Ready trait technology in 2008 and they remain a leader in field performance today.

In 2010, the Hilleshög brand will introduce two new varieties to our lineup. 4107RR is an extremely sweet variety at 101.7 percent of the mean on sugar per ton (08-09 avg). 4125RR has great balance of sugar and tons with a 201.2 percent of the mean on extractable sugar per acre plus sugar per ton (08-09 avg). In addition to the top notch yield potential, both of these varieties also provide very strong Cercospora tolerance.

American Crystal

Rhizoctonia Crown and Tip Rot has been identified across the American Crystal growing region. Infection caused by Rhizoctonia can lead to severe losses in both sugar beet yield and quality. Syngenta's Hilleshög brand is the leader in Rhizoctonia tolerance and is pleased to offer 4 new varieties with high levels of Rhizoctonia control for 2010.

4022RR performed extremely well in the Southern Red River Valley in 2009, with stacked Rhizoctonia and Aphanomyces control, 4022RR has achieved both Rhizoctonia and Aphanomyces specialty approval for 2010. 4085RR also offers high Rhizoctonia and Aphanomyces tolerance with high sugar yields. Developed from the parentage of the extremely successful Hilleshög variety 3035RZ, 4094RR is the complete package, stacked Rhizoctonia, Aphanomyces, and Cercospora tolerance with high yield potential. The Hilleshög variety 4097RR offers a very high level of Rhizoctonia tolerance with increased sugar per ton.

Introduced in 2008 to the American Crystal market, Hilleshög varieties 4010RR and 4012RR have delivered excellent field performance. 4012RR is a high tonnage type variety with a solid Aphanomyces package that performs in both disease and non-disease conditions. 4010RR is a high quality variety with outstanding sugar per ton. In line with 4010RR, the Hilleshög variety 4000RR is offered with increased sugar per ton potential.

Amalgamated Growing Areas

Western Growing Area - TNN Area

For the Western growing area, Syngenta will be recommending four Hilleshög brand varieties with the Roundup Ready trait for sale in 2010. To complement last year's commercial varieties, 9008RR & 9023RR, we will be offering two new test market varieties, 9120RR & 9122RR. Both of these new varieties offer good protection from Curly Top and Rhizomania. 9122RR offers added tolerance for both Erwinia & Powdery Mildew. 9120RR offers added protection from Root Aphid.

Eastern Growing Area - MC Area

For the Eastern growing area, Syngenta will be recommending five Hilleshög brand varieties with the Roundup Ready trait for sale in 2010. Along with 9008RR & 9023RR we will also offer two moderate Curly Top varieties with very high sugar per ton & sugar per acre, 9047RR & 9124RR. We will also offer 9120RR for growers in the eastern growing area needing Root Aphid suppression.

Western Sugar Cooperative South (WSC)

Syngenta's Hilleshög brand is proud to be the preferred Roundup Ready Sugarbeet genetics provider for WSC growers in the South region. Our diverse genetics with combined quality attributes delivered WSC South production region with near record yields in 2008 and 2009, even with two consecutive years of adverse environmental growing conditions.

Rhizoctonia and Cercospora Leaf Spot are the most prominent diseases that challenge growers in CO, NE and WY. Syngenta's Hilleshög varieties have consistently met the growers need for higher genetic tolerance to control Rhizoctonia and Cercospora.

Our commitment to WSC and its growers is evident in the number of high quality varieties offered with distinct genetic packages. We are continually striving to develop new combinations of disease tolerant traits to meet the needs of WSC production regions. For 2010, we are excited to introduce three new hybrids, expanding our disease tolerant genetic platform.

Full Approval:

9042RR leads the way ranking #1 S/T 3-yr average.

Key strengths include Cercospora, Root Aphid & Rhizoctonia tolerance.
9024RR is #1 with .95 SLM and 102 percent S/T, 4-yr average, making it a quality beet. Key strengths include our leading Cercospora and Rhizoctonia tolerance backed up with field proven yields and consistency.
9032RR is a well balanced variety ranking 103 percent of S/T and 97 percent SLM 3-yr average. Key strengths include Aphanomyces, Root Aphid and Cercospora tolerance combined with quick emergenc.
9027RR delivers proven field performance with a 101% S/T and 98% SLM 4-yr average.

Key strengths Rhizoctonia and Cercospora tolerance.
9055RR is a high sugar variety, 105 percent S/T and 98 percent SLM 3-yr average.
Key strengths are Rhizoctonia, Root Aphid, and Cercospora tolerant variety with a full sized canopy.

New for 2010:

9120 is a well-balanced variety, 104 pecent S/T and 93 percent SLM 2-yr average.
Key strengths are Curly Top, Fusarium and Root Aphid tolerance.
9139 is a high yielding sugar-type variety, 106 percent S/T and .92 percent SLM 2-yr average. Key strengths: Fusarium, Aphanomyces, Root Aphid, and Cercospora tolerance

Michigan Sugar Co-op

Syngenta's Hilleshög varieties pioneered the introduction of Roundup Ready sugarbeets in Michigan in 2008. The first fully approved Rhizoctonia variety, 27RR along with 28RR & 29RR bring industry leading Rhizoctonia tolerance and have been field tested over the past 2 years. The Hilleshög brand will be offering 42RR & 50RR which are two additional varieties that met approval in 2009 and offer strong RWST and lead in Cercospora tolerance.

Our three new varieties for 2010 are 110RR, 131RR and 133RR. These varieties carry all the necessary disease packages for the Michigan sugar growing area. Our new Michigan varieties are leaders in the approval system on RWST & RWSA without sacrificing Rhizoctonia and Cercospora tolerance.

Hilleshög goals are to meet the demand for new high sugar varieties and to maintain strong stacked traits for all diseases. Hilleshög is the company of choice for your sugar beet seed needs in the Michigan & Ontario, Canada growing area.


Syngenta is offering four Hilleshög brand varieties with the Roundup Ready trait to Minn-Dak growers for 2010. With stacked disease tolerance and high yield potential, Hilleshög-Syngenta varieties are well suited for the Minn-Dak growing region. For 2010 we are introducing two new Rhz tolerant varieties stacked with Aphanomyces control.

4012RR is a proven field performer with very high sugar per acre, high tons, and exceptional Aphanomyces tolerance. 4012RR delivered strong field performance in both 2008 and 2009, and will be available in large quantities for the 2010 growing season.

4022RR rated # 1 Rhizoctonia tolerant variety available for 2010. 4022RR is also stacked with strong Aphanomyces tolerance and delivered excellent field performance in 2009.

4062RR is new for 2010 and is stacked with Rhizoctonia, Aphanomyces, and Cercospora tolerance, 4062RR has a complete disease package and high yield potential.
4083RR also new for 2010, 4083RR has high Rhizoctonia tolerance with good Cercospora control, along with outstanding Aphanomyces protection.

Southern Minn

Syngenta has several proven disease tolerant Hilleshög brand varieties to offer Southern-Minn growers this year. High quality with strong disease tolerance provides the winning combination for success.

9093RR is a leader in Rhizoctonia tolerance, and performed extremely well in 2009. 9093RR is also stacked with strong Aphanomyces and Cercospora tolerance. This variety will be in high demand for 2010, with exceptional seed supply.

4017RR has been a proven performer with excellent quality over the past two growing seasons. 4017RR is recommended for low to moderate disease areas.

4063RR and 4081RR are new to the Hilleshög brand line up. Both deliver high levels of Rhizoctonia and Cercospora tolerance and are showing very good sugar per acre and will perform well in the Southern Minnesota growing area.

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