KWS and BASF Bundle Breeding and Biotechnology

Published online: Jan 25, 2010 BASF News Release
Limburgerhof and Einbeck, Germany - BASF Plant Science and KWS SAAT AG announced a collaboration in plant biotechnology. The objectives for the long-term project are developing sugarbeet varieties for the global market with higher sugar and energy yields as well as greater drought tolerance. The partners aim to bring the new varieties with 15 percent higher yields to the market from 2020 onwards. "Within this cooperation, KWS and BASF will bundle their breeding and biotechnology skills to develop genetically enhanced sugarbeet. This shows our company's clear commitment to the sugarbeet crop and is a meaningful addition to our classic plant breeding work," said Dr. Günter Strittmatter, Head of Research at KWS SAAT AG. Through the agreement, BASF Plant Science is expanding its biotechnology work into the sugarbeet industry. KWS is a leading global player in plant breeding and world market leader in sugarbeet seed. Last year, the company achieved a market share of 70 percent in North America with genetically improved herbicide resistant sugarbeet varieties. While BASF is bringing validated yield genes and plant biotechnology know-how to the table, KWS is contributing experience in sugarbeet breeding through conventional and biotechnological methods and is transferring the selected genes into the best varieties. To find out more about BASF Plant Science, please visit