WASDE Sept. 2009 Sugar Supply and Use Data

Published online: Sep 14, 2009 USDA-ERS News Letter
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Issued monthly, WASDE provides the most current USDA forecasts of U.S. and world supply-use balances for major grains, soybeans and products, and cotton, and U.S. supply and use data for sugar and livestock products. SUGAR: Projected 2009/10 U.S. sugar supply is increased 135,000 short tons, raw value, from last month. Ending stocks are increased 55,000 tons, sugar production is decreased 250,000 tons, and imports are increased 330,000 tons. The decrease in sugar production is based on lower forecast production of U.S. sugarbeets and Florida sugarcane. The increase in 2009/10 imports comes from Mexico as a result of continued incentives to export to the U.S. market. Projected sugar use is unchanged from last month. Ending stocks are increased to 844,000 tons, which is down 35 percent from a year earlier. Projected 2009/10 Mexico sugar supply is increased 85,000 metric tons, raw value, from last month. Higher beginning stocks more than offset lower imports. Imports are lowered in line with the portion of the recently announced import quotas expected to enter the United States in 2009/10. Exports are raised 300,000 tons and ending stocks are lowered 215,000 tons. Estimated 2008/09 Mexico sugar supply is increased 175,000 tons. Beginning stocks are increased 360,000 tons to reflect Mexico=s official estimates. Imports are lowered 185,000 tons to 215,000 tons, accounting for 100,000 tons of assigned import quota and 115,000 tons of imports from U.S. refiners. Exports are lowered 70,000 tons due to reduced prospects in the remaining months of the fiscal year. For more information visit: www.usda.gov/oce/commodity/wasde/