The Hand that Feeds U.S. Puts a Face to the Farmer's Share

Published online: Sep 16, 2009 The Hand That Feeds U.S.
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WASHINGTON D.C.-The Hand that Feeds U.S. added an important feature to its website today that allows consumers to see the amount of money farmers and ranchers receive from everyday items they purchase in the grocery store, like cereal, bread, fruits, and vegetables. The new feature, titled "Farmer's Share," comes to The Hand that Feeds U.S. courtesy of the National Farmers Union (NFU), who first created the resource and updates the data monthly. "The ever-increasing cost of production has left many farmers struggling to make ends meet," said Roger Johnson, president of NFU. "The Farmer's Share allows consumers to see what percentage of the retail price actually goes back to the farmers themselves-I can imagine a lot of shoppers would find it hard to believe there's only 8 cents worth of wheat in a $3.99 box of cereal." Visit the website for more information: