Got Weeds?

University experts combat pesky pests

Published in the August 2009 Issue Published online: Aug 03, 2009

The University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences welcomed around 100 visitors to its annual weed research tour June 16 at their Kimberly Research and Extension Center.

“We’re showing a wide variety of weed-control treatments in various crops so that participants can compare side-by-side and see for themselves which herbicides or herbicide combinations will work best for them,” said Don Morishita, University of Idaho Extension weed scientist and superintendent of the Kimberly Research and Extension Center. “We hope that will help them make better decisions about the herbicides they use.”

At Kimberly, tour stops included a breadth of crops:

• Sugarbeets: nitrogen and crop residue effects on pest control in strip-tilled plots, timing of weed and volunteer potato removal in Roundup Ready Sugarbeets, simulated herbicide drift injury and recovery methods, glyphosate tank mixtures, generic glyphosate and ethofumesate comparisons, volunteer corn control and impacts of soil nitrogen levels on glyphosate effectiveness.


• Chicory: evaluation of herbicides for crop tolerance and weed control in this potential alternative crop to sugarbeets


• Spring wheat: comparisons of herbicides for broadleaf weed control, postemergence herbicide tank-mixtures for wild oats and broadleaf weeds, and herbicide tolerance


• Field corn: evaluation of herbicides and comparison of non-glyphosate herbicide combinations with glyphosate


• Potatoes: two-way tank mixtures and herbicide effects on disease management


For those who are interested in strip-tillage sugarbeet production, the tour will include relevant USDA Agricultural Research Service research plots across the street.

The Aberdeen Research and Extension Center is located at 1693 S. 2700 W. in Aberdeen. The Kimberly Research and Extension Center is located northeast of Kimberly, about six miles east of Twin Falls.

For more information, contact Morishita at 208-736-3600 or