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Published in the March 2009 Issue Published online: Mar 07, 2009
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Here is what some of the leading companies have provided in text and image about a range of tractor options to help keep the work going.


AGCO, 770-813-9200


B100 Approved Tier III
Engines on AGCO LTs

Heavy-duty, mid-range AGCO LT Series tractors are Tier III compliant with more power, better fuel efficiency and B100 use approved.

The AGCO LT85A and LT95A tractors combine the versatility of utility tractors and the rugged engineering of high-horsepower row crop tractors. The models are also equipped with semi-powershift transmissions, high-low hydraulics and a rear end built to handle one of the highest hitch lift capacities in the mid-range market.

In addition to more power, the tractors feature a single-piece hood that can be raised out of the way for easier servicing.

The heart of the tractors is the advanced B100 approved, 4.4L SisuDiesel engine with its common rail fuel injection system and Electronic Engine Management. It delivers 85 PTO hp to the LT85A and 95 PTO hp to the LT95A.




Four New Compact Models

Bobcat Company expands the new line of compact tractors with the introduction of four new models.

CT335 The CT335 compact tractor is 62.6 inches wide with agricultural tires, 129.1 inches long and 93.6 inches tall with the ROPS (rollover protective structure) deployed. It has a 38-hp interim Tier IV diesel engine with a hydrostatic transmission and three travel speeds.

CT440 This compact tractor is 69 inches wide with agricultural tires, 134.3 inches long and 95.5 inches high with ROPS deployed. The ROC for the front-end loader is 2,600 lbs. It has a maximum 3-point lift capacity of 2,625 lbs.

CT445 The CT445 features a 45-hp interim Tier IV diesel engine and a hydrostatic transmission and three travel speed ranges. It weighs 3,881 lbs. and is 69 inches wide with agricultural tires, 134.3 inches long and 95.5 inches tall with the ROPS deployed.

CT450 The CT450 has a 50-hp interim Tier IV diesel engine and a hydrostatic transmission and three travel speed ranges. It weighs 3,935 lbs., is 69 inches wide with agricultural tires, 134.3 inches long and 95.5 inches high with the ROPS deployed.

CASE, 877-422-7344


New Mid-Range Tractors For Row-Crop Versatility

Three new workhorses have been added to the Case IH Magnum tractor family.

The new mid-range models—Magnum 180, Magnum 190 and Magnum 210 with PTO hp ratings of 150, 165 and 180, respectively—expand the series to eight models. 



These tractors offer the same Surveyor cab featured on the larger Magnum models. The cab provides sightlines in all directions and a new A-post instrumentation cluster.

The new MultiControl Armrest standard in the 2009 Magnum Series is a major advancement, putting key controls literally at the operator’s fingertips.



All 2009 Magnum Series tractors come with the new DieselSaver Auto Productivity Management (APM) system standard. The engines are fully biodiesel compatible.

Power for the three new models is generated by a 6.75-liter engine rated at 2,200 rpm. Power Boost is standard, providing an additional 35 hp on the Magnum 180 and Magnum 190 models, and an additional 25 hp on the Magnum 210. 



Improving productivity through more efficient and accurate operation, along with automated recordkeeping, is another option with the new mid-range Magnums.

Standard AFS AccuGuide Ready allows operators to take advantage of the benefits of Case IH precision agriculture technology.

Completing components including antenna/receiver, navigation controller and AFS Pro 600 color displays are all available fully factory installed.



CHALLENGER and, 770-813-9200


New Cab Focal Point of  Challenger ‘C’ Series

The advanced features on the new restyled Challenger MT700C, MT800C and MT900C Series track and articulated tractors focus on operator functions—comfort, convenience and control.

A redesigned cab has put command of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. Using the all-new Challenger Tractor Management Center (TMC) monitor, nearly every tractor or implement function may be quickly controlled and modified to suit a variety of operating conditions.

All operational controls are ergonomically placed on the TMC, directly to the operator’s right.

One of the most revolutionary new features of the “C” series is the integrated ISOBUS control system, which uses the TCM as the operator interface. With the vast amount of data available today, this new information technology is to help optimize productivity and performance of the tractor and its implements.


JOHN DEERE, 309-765-8000


New 6D Series, Utility Tractors Announced


In today’s competitive work, farm and ranch environment, many customers are looking for an economical utility tractor with more horsepower and better performance to handle common chores and still provide a comfortable working environment for the operator. 

Building on the popular 6003 Series tractors, the new 6D Series provides even more features and value for the dollar.

The 6100D features a field-proven, fuel-efficient 100-hp PowerTech engine with a rotary fuel injection pump. It’s designed to deliver excellent power and lugging ability in a variety of work situations.



John Deere introduces a new line of utility tractors: the 5D, 5E, 5E Limited and 5M Series.

The 5D and 5E Series range in horsepower from 45 to 75 and offer John Deere reliability and durability. The 5D Series is only offered with a two-wheel-drive (2WD) axle compared to the 5E which offers 2WD or mechanical-front-wheel-drive configurations.

These open station tractors feature synchronized transmissions designed for smooth shifting and easy-to-reach, color-coded controls for simple operation.


MASSEY FERGUSON, 770-813-9200


Mid-range, High Horsepower from Massey Ferguson

5400 SERIES Bigger, better, cleaner and stronger, the Massey Ferguson 5400 Series mid-range tractors have new Tier III engines inside and a new look outside.

The 110- and 115-hp models expand the mid-range line. The new hood offers mid-range tractor buyers the same serviceability and style as Massey Ferguson high horsepower 6400 and 7400 series tractors.

6400, 7400 SERIES Massey Ferguson 6400 and 7400 series high-horsepower tractors with new generation Tier III engines are to burn cleaner and smarter for greater fuel efficiency.

The Dyna-VT CVT transmission on the 7400 Series ranges from 100- to 155- PTO hp. The Dyna-6 transmission on the 6400 Series ranges from 100- to 180-PTO hp.

The AE50 award-winning Dyna-VT CVT transmission on the 7400 Series has demonstrated significant savings in cost per acre per hour of at least 15 percent in fuel and 10 percent in labor versus powershift transmissions.


MCCORMICK, 866-327-6733

New Models Expand Mccormick Compact Tractor Lineup

McCormick USA, headquartered in Norcross, Ga., offers the new CTV and CTU Series tractors.

CTV The CTV is aimed at customers who need a dependable and affordable compact tractor to handle tasks on small acreages. Its small, sturdy design lets the operator accomplish a variety of tasks.

The CTV28 features a high-performance, 4-cylinder, 28-hp Mitsubishi engine. The tractor comes with a mid-mount hydraulic take-out block that gives added power to the loader when hauling heavy material.

The mechanical four-wheel-drive engagement and multiple wet disc brakes provide more power and stability without having to move up to a larger tractor. A three-point hitch system is standard with 10 available attachments in multiple size ranges.

CTU The CTU tractor is available in three models: the 43-hp CT50U, the 47-hp CT55U and the 57-hp CT65U.

All CTU tractors are equipped with a Mitsubishi S4Q 4-cylinder engine. Other standard features in the CTU lineup include a multiple wet disc PTO clutch, an electric-hydraulic independent PTO, multiple wet disc brakes, mechanical four-wheel-drive engagement, a three-point hitch with telescopic lower lift arms and an independent joystick with mid-mount loader control valves.

The CT50U and CT55U have more than 3,300 lbs. lift capacity. The CT65U has a lift capacity of more than 3,800 lbs.


NEW HOLLAND, 866-639-4563


New Holland’s  Bidirectional Tractor

New Holland’s TV6070 Bidirectional features a 6.7L engine, a more efficient eight-range transmission and other improvements.

It can be operated cab-end or engine-end first to provide versatility, productivity and loader performance. An operator can work facing either the engine or the rear because the exclusive Turnabout console rotates the seat and primary controls 180 degrees so the operator always faces the work.

Both ends of the tractor can be equipped with 3-point hitches, PTO systems, hydraulic valves and drawbars. Depending on the application, the TV6070 can push and pull implements simultaneously. Full-time four-wheel-drive and 45-degree articulated steering provide traction and maneuverability in various conditions.