Bully Dog Technologies

Published in the March 2009 Issue Published online: Mar 07, 2009

AMERICAN FALLS, Idaho—The Bully Dog Fuel Management System (FMS) is used to regulate, monitor and secure bulk fuel storage.

This system is designed for private fuel tank management that would be utilized on a farm, construction yard or vehicle fleet yard.

The system will enable fuel tank owners to efficiently monitor, regulate and secure who uses fuel, how much they use, and when they access the fuel.

A single fuel management unit can control and monitor up to 6 fuel pumps.

The two main features of this fuel system are security for fuel and logging of all fueling activity.

The Bully Dog Fuel Management System offers varying degrees of security through customizable settings and logging activities.

This unit allows eight different security mode combinations, which determine what information will be saved during fueling.

The security modes also determines what information a person must enter into the FMS to access fuel.

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