Brillion’s Double Seeder Hitch

Published in the March 2009 Issue Published online: Mar 07, 2009
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BRILLION, Wis.—Brillion Iron Works, Inc.’s Farm Equipment Division announces the addition of the BDH-512 Double Seeder Hitch as the newest member of their full line of seeding equipment. The Double Seeder Hitch helps growers not only save time and money, but also creates a more uniform seedbed.

The Double Seeder Hitch was created to increase efficiency and achieve seeding consistency through more precise planting depth. The Double Seeder Hitch is able to cover twice the amount of ground in the same time, saving time and fuel expense during planting. The center flex pivot allows for consistent seeding that adjusts to the ground’s contour. While turning, the Double Seeder Hitch adjusts for even planting without cutting corners.

The Double Seeder Hitch works with any combination of 8-, 10- or 12-foot pull-type seeders. Once connected, the Double Seeder Hitch adjusts to the width of the largest seeder. This design allows the Double Seeder Hitch to equalize the weight on each seeder for uniform seeding depth.

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