Wind Power: Turbines Offer Growers Power

Endurance set for `clean energy'

Published online: Aug 02, 2008 Feature staff report
Endurance Wind Power Inc. manufactures and distributes one of the safest and most cost-effective wind power turbines for the generation of grid-connected "clean energy."

The founders of the Endurance are pioneers within the North American Small Wind Power industry. Their experience has resulted in the development of the Endurance S-250, which is providing power to North American homes, farms, ranches and small businesses.

With the rising costs of traditional fossil fuels and the variety of state and federal rebate programs available, alternative energy solutions are rapidly gaining popularity. And wind power is seen as a cost-effective clean energy solution.

The Endurance S-250 is suited to provide growers an energy solution that also reduces carbon foot-prints, and ultimately, their long-term reliance on utility power generation. With all the talk surrounding increased energy costs, this is a way in hedging against costs of traditional power supplies.

It is the first small wind turbine designed to meet the specifications and safety standards of the "Large Mega Watt Wind Turbines." It is the first commercially available North American small wind turbine built for the "on-grid market," designed to connect directly to the power grid. This is to maximize efficient and reliable power production. The turbine has a life expectancy of between 30-50 years, including a tiltable tower that is available in various heights.

The Endurance S-250 also features "Over Speed Protection" with redundant brake calipers that stop the rotors in wind conditions to ensure the safety of people who live and work near the installed wind turbines. The Endurance is built with almost all American components.

The patented "Dual Voltage Switching Design" allows the turbine to maximize power generation in both high- and low-wind conditions. Performance is optimized utilizing a proprietary control system coupled with an installed anemometer.

A proprietary blade design and a constant rotor speed is to generate power at low rotor speeds and reduce noise levels. Power is produced between rotor speeds of 200 and 206 RPM.

The turbine is designed to closely match the energy requirements of a U.S. household or farm house (10,000-15,000 kWh/yr). Closely optimizing energy production to demand is intended to maximize return on investment for the system.

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