New Website Provides Growers All-In-One Resource

Published online: Nov 27, 2007 Greenbook
Viewed 1077 time(s) Launched To Feed Producers Information Appetite In today's agriculture industry, growers are armed with more sources of information than ever before. But instead of listening to the radio for local weather reports, reading the paper for commodity prices, or waiting to receive the next extension university newsletter, we invite you to visit, where growers can harvest all of their intellectual resources from one website. is a grower-focused website that combines several areas of information, including: agriculture news, localized weather, commodity links, agriculturally-focused video clips and audio podcasts, university extension research reports, and much more. The goal of is to yield both timely and pertinent agriculture news and information from around the country and deliver it directly to the growers that rely on it. Located at the top of the homepage users will find: Ag News - A wide range of agriculture news pertinent to growers, including articles about regional crop conditions, market-impacting weather events, and everything in between. Ag Business - Focused on domestic market conditions, industry trends, new technology (including bio-fuels), and the myriad other financial factors that impact a grower's business. Ag Legislation - Comprised of articles/editorials focusing on the aspects of government that affect growers directly, including topics such as the pending Farm Bill, illegal immigration reform, and regulatory issues. Audio/Video - Supplied by our partners at, the audio/video player delivers daily podcasts of the AgriTalk radio program, recognized as "The Voice of Rural America," and the most recent video clips produced by the AgriTalk staff containing interviews with prominent politicians and other influential industry professionals. Located at the bottom of the homepage users will find: Industry News - An assortment of agriculture industry news, compiled from the many resources of the Food 360 lineup, including articles from other Vance publications including Ag Professional, Grower Magazine, and Citrus & Vegetable. Research/RSS - A variety of Research/RSS articles from government entities including the USDA, ARS, and EPA, among others, along with various university extension feeds from around the nation. Producer Forum - Intended as a platform where growers can discuss crop conditions, industry trends, insights, advice, and personal perspectives about their business, and life as a grower.