Farm Bill Approval

Published online: Oct 29, 2007 American Sugar Alliance
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WASHINGTON-The Senate Agriculture Committee overwhelmingly approved a Farm Bill that America's sugar producers praise as "a strong bill for U.S. agriculture that continues the good work already done by the House of Representatives." The American Sugar Alliance released the following statement about the Senate bill, which would maintain the current sugar policy and enhance it with an ethanol provision and a small rate increase on loans that sugar producers repay to the government with interest. "The members of the Committee are to be commended for constructing a well balanced and strong bill in the face of budget hurdles and numerous political obstacles. This bill contains a sugar policy that works for America's farmers, grocery shoppers, taxpayers, and the nation's food security. "Weakening sugar policy, as some large food manufacturers have suggested, would jeopardize America's ability to produce an ingredient used in nearly everything we eat. With headlines surfacing every day about imported food safety, the Committee wisely voted to give American farmers the tools they need to stay in business. "We stand ready to support this bill as it moves to the full Senate for a vote, and we remain hopeful that a new Farm Bill will be signed into law very soon." The Farm Bill is expected to reach the Senate floor the week of Nov. 5, 2007. Visit