200 Million Fewer Bushels of Corn than USDA September Report

Published online: Oct 08, 2007 Lanworth News Release
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Chicago, Ill.--Lanworth, Inc., a pioneer in the use of satellite imagery for agricultural forecasting, issued its October production estimates for 2007 US corn and soybean production. Both crops are predicted to have lower yields than the USDA reported in September. Lanworth estimates 2007 US corn production will be 13.11 billion bushels, 200 million fewer than the USDA's September estimate of 13.31 billion bushels. Still, this record-setting figure is 25% higher than the 10.5 billion bushels produced in 2006. Differences between the Lanworth and USDA estimates are concentrated in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, and Ohio. Lanworth expects 2007 soybean production to be 2.58 billion bushels, 1.4% lower than the 2.62 billion bushels reported by the USDA in its September Crop Production Report and 19% lower than the 3.19 billion bushels produced in 2006. The largest differences between Lanworth and USDA estimates are in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Using satellite imagery, soil and weather data, crop growth models and extensive field checks, Lanworth has determined that localized drought conditions and variability in planting dates have limited the yield potential of the corn and soybean crops. Until now, Lanworth's production estimates have been available only through subscription to its agricultural risk management web portal, which delivers detailed weekly acreage, yield, and production summaries from national down to county levels. For more information, see www.lanworth.com/agriculture . About Lanworth, Inc. Lanworth is an information technology company specializing in the application of aerial and satellite remote sensing to natural resource management. Lanworth assists clients in making informed decisions in the forestry, government, agriculture, real estate, electricity, gas, and transportation industries. Lanworth supplies its clients with detailed geographic and resource information on a global scale. In addition to expert analysis of satellite imagery, Lanworth provides unique proprietary data layers, such as land ownership records, to enrich its research offerings. Lanworth's primary office is located in Itasca, Illinois, with a satellite office in Jackson, Mississippi. For more information, visit www.lanworth.com.