Americans Urged to Tell Congress to Support Farm Bill Reform

Published online: Jun 19, 2007 PR Newswire
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WASHINGTON, D.C.--Americans are beginning to think about food beyond their plate. How food is grown, transported and sold is increasingly important as food safety scares and health concerns grow in the public consciousness. The food movement is at a tipping point this summer as the Farm Bill, up for renewal, can bring food policy into the 21st century. The Farm Bill is perhaps the most comprehensive legislation affecting all Americans and future generations as it impacts farmers and a wide range of issues, including health, hunger, rural communities, the environment, food safety, labor practices, childhood obesity and immigration. Americans can help take action to preserve our nation's small and mid-size farms, encourage sustainable agriculture and local farming for healthier eating and a cleaner environment, and to spur innovation and entrepreneurship across the country by demanding farm policy reform. The public can visit to urge their Congressional representatives to support farm and food polices toward an equitable and sustainable food system that benefits local markets, family farmers, the environment and the health of all Americans. Thousands of people have already logged on. Now is the time for people to make their voices heard as the Farm Bill is currently under discussion. Legislation has been introduced and supported by a number of Democratic and Republican senators and representatives from across the country, including Senators Clinton (D-NY), Brown (D-OH) and Feingold (D-WI) and Representatives DeLauro (D-CT), Gilchrest (R-MD), Baca (D-CA), Blumenauer (D-Ore), Boyda (D- KS) and Kind (D-WI). Web site: