Corn Growers Join Willie Nelson for Biodiesel Plant Opening

Published online: Jul 05, 2006 AMERICAN CORN GROWERS ASSOCIATION
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HILLSBORO, TX--Larry Mitchell, Chief Executive of the American Corn Growers Association (ACGA) joined singer, songwriter and family farm advocate Willie Nelson at the grand opening of a new biodiesel plant at Carl's Corner Truck Stop in Hillsboro, Texas. The plant, owned by Pacific Biodeisel Texas, LP, will provide renewable biodiesel directly to the trucking industry at the retail fuel distributor's location on Interstate 35. Mitchell says, "We have to realize that we must reverse the pendulum that has swung so far to a fossil fuel economy and back it up just a bit to a bio-fuel and renewable-fuel economy. Our farms can once again be an essential component to our nation's energy needs. Biodiesel and ethanol can be made from soybeans, corn and other surplus grains. These same fuels can also be made from many other feed-stocks and they do not have to be just a soy, corn based, Midwestern industry. There is biomass in every state of the union and renewable fuels should be produced in every state." The American Corn Growers Association works to expand the understanding, acceptance and expansion of many renewable energy sources such as biodiesel, ethanol, wind generated electricity, biomass and solar power. Representing 14,000 members in 35 states, the organization has its roots in Texas where it was founded by three Texas farm leaders - Carl King, David Senter and John Ford. For more information, see