Growers Have New Herbicide Options

Published online: May 11, 2004 UPI News Release
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Beet growers will have a new value-driven post-emergence weed control option this year. GBnB Plus, from United Phosphorus Inc., includes the popular phenmedipham, desmediipham, ethofumesate trio, preferred by many producers for effective post-emergence control. UPI is licensing the product through Bayer CropScience. Due to its selective control of tough-to-handle weeds like kochia, BnB Plus broadens growers' control options and enhances overall economic contribution of UPI's products to growers' bottom-line productivity, Jeff Pritchard, vice president and general manager of UPI, stated. BnB Plus joins UPI's Alphanex, Ethotron SC and Phen-Des 8+8 herbicides, giving growers a competitive arsenal of weed-control products. UPI, the North American subsidiary of one of the leading off-patent agrichemical manufacturers in the world, is best known for syntheszing quality compounds from the ground up and delivering economic value to the industry. UPI is a wholly owned North American subsidiary of United Phosphorus Ltd.