Idaho Getting ‘Mixed Bag’

Published online: Sep 26, 2002
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Early Idaho potato harvest is truly showing the proverbial mixed bag.

Reports continue to circulate that the heat and drought which hit most of the state this past summer has in deed taken a toll on the Idaho potato crop.

Industry observers state that early harvest from western to eastern Idaho shows crops of mixed size and quality most based on efficient or inefficient irrigation systems and in some cases the loss of fertilizer, particularly micronutrients.

While yield does not appear to be affected, smaller potatoes and some fields coming in with sugar end or “jelly end” are being dug. This is attributed to the lack of proper nutrients. Most of this is on sandier soils, according to preliminary reports.

“We’re hearing of a lot of good, quality fields being harvested but we’re also hearing of more bad fields out there than normal,” an observed noted.