PepsiCo Goes After Thai Market

Published online: Aug 15, 2002
PepsiCo-owned Frito-Lay (Thailand) Co. will double its promotional spending to US$10 million to increase its share of the fragmented snack market.

The Thai snacks market boasts some 360 brands competing for the $250 million in annual sales.

Frito-Lay (Thailand) managing director Peter Gutierrez said the company would counter a decline in consumer purchasing power by selling packets of snacks with 20 percent more content without increasing price.

It has joined up with Heinz to introduce chips flavored with tomato ketchup. It will also relaunch a local flavor, sweet basil, with a free packet for every two purchased.

Frito-Lay has a 22 percent share of the salty snack segment through brands including Lay’s chips at 14 percent, Cheetos and Doritos 3D. In the potato chip segment, Lay’s claims a 65.3 percent share.