Idaho Gets 24(c) Rely Label

Published online: Aug 19, 2002
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Bayer CropScience gave notice that the Idaho Department of Agriculture has approved a 24-c label for reduced plant-back restrictions of Rely herbicide.

The label calls for plant-back to winter wheat and small grains of 30 days, reduced from 70 days.

A single application or Rely provides complete, effective vine kill and knockdown of late-season weeds. Symptoms of vine death begin within a few days of application, but complete desiccation could take two-to-three weeks, depending on weather and field conditions at time of application.

The slower desiccation process results in improved skin set that helps tubers resist scuffing damage and storage diseases. It also reduces the vascular discoloration at the stem-end of the potato, thereby improving the quality of the tuber.

The same 24(c) label is pending approval in Washington and Oregon.