Idaho Crop Progressing Nicely

Published online: Aug 13, 2002
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.Idaho’s potato crop is progressing nicely at mid-August and it appears a quality harvest is in store.

According to Dr. Phil Nolte, University of Idaho seed potato specialist, no real disease or insect problems have surfaced. Nolte says outside of a little Rhizoctonia, there has been no real challenges to this year’s crop.

He said a July heat wave that hit the state for two weeks was potentially serious but no problems have surfaced in the way of misshapen tubers, etc. He said the weather at mid-August is ideal for growth, warm days and cool nights.

He said western Idaho received hotter temperatures and there are scattered reports of some misshapen tubers in that area.

There have been no blight problems so far but some white mold has surfaced in several growing areas.