Bayer Agrees to Phase Out Guthion

Published online: Jul 31, 2002
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Bayer CropScience has voluntarily agreed to cancel or phase-out the labeled uses of Guthion insecticide (azinphos-methyl) on 30 crops including potatoes.

Use of the product will be cancelled for potatoes and six other crops on Aug. 31, 2005. It cannot be used after Dec. 31, 2005. Other crops will have use cancelled after Sept. 1, 2002.

According to Dr. Wayne Carlson of Bayer CropScience, “Azinphos-methyl has proven itself a safe and valuable crop-protection product for both farmers and consumers for over 45 years.

“Nonetheless, we wanted to work together with the grower organizations so that we could cooperate with the EPA in helping the agency meet its objective of reducing worker exposure.”

Carlson said that for the crops for which use will be discontinued or phased out, growers could now turn to newer chemistries that more specifically target pests.