Aussies Overhaul Potato Industry

Published online: May 24, 2002
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Western Australia is starting a review of the Potato Marketing Act to find ways to provide a more secure future for development of the industry.

It is seeking views on legislation and administration; the association of competition- related reforms, and suggestions on an alternative structure that could be used in Western Australia.

With the state’s production ranging from 82,000 to 128,000 tons a year, the government is evaluating whether its role in the state’s Potato Marketing Corporation is helping in regional development of the industry.

Among the key questions is whether registration is necessary so black marketing and supply manipulation can be controlled.

The review will also ask whether the performance of the Western Australian industry can be improved by changes to the production-control system.

The controlled market dates back to World War II when the federal government introduced a system of growing potatoes under contract to secure supplies for both the civilian population and Australian and allied military forces.