Cavendish Purchases Avico Plant

Published online: Nov 14, 2001
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Cavendish Farms of Prince Edward Island, Can., announces purchase of the Avico plant based in Jamestown, ND. This will boost the company's production to nearly one billion pounds of frozen fries per year.

Cavendish says this now makes them the fourth largest producer of fries in North America.

President Robert Irving says PEI plants are "running full steam," giving a "sold-out" situation on PEI.

The Jamestown plant employs 250 workers in the 206,000-square-foot plant. It produces 270 million pounds of potato products a year. This will increase Cavendish Farm's total production to 900 million pounds annually.

"It's an opportunity to grow our business as well as another North American region from which to purchase potatoes. We can now serve western Canada better," Irving said.

Irving noted that Cavendish Farms serves most of the Wendy's fast-food restaurants.