Idaho Leads Seed Producers

Published online: Sep 05, 2001
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Although Idaho's seed acreage is down 10 percent, the state is still the largest seed-producing state with 38,654 acres entered for certification this year.

According to a report made by a committee of the Potato Association of America and tabulated by Nebraska's seed certification program, Russet Burbank at 24,257 acres is the No. 1 variety in Idaho.

Ranger Russet (4,263), Shepody (2,938) and Frito-Lay varieties (1,026) are the other leading varieties planted in the Gem state.

North Dakota with 22,244 acres is the second-leading producer with 5,722 acres of Russet Burbank leading the way. Other popular varieties in ND include 1,930 acres of Frito-Lay varieties, and 1,839 acres of NorValley.

The third-leading seed-producing state is Colorado at 16,885 acres. Russet Norkotah (and strains) at 8,974 acres is that state's leading variety.

Other leading seed producers include Maine (14,620), Wisconsin (10,481), and Montana (9,242).