Super Tin Gets Seven-day PHI

Published online: Aug 17, 2001
Griffin LLC announced today that growers in Minnesota and North Dakota will be able to use Super Tin on a pre-harvest interval change from 21 to seven days.

The Departments of Agriculture in each state have granted this change. No other sugarbeet fungicide offers this seven-day convenience.

In recent years, late-season Cercospora has contributed to devastating losses in sugar, while Super Tin 80WP has offered economical control.

A seven-day PHI for Super Tin should allow all producers to improve management of late-season Cercospora infections.

This timing gives them the flexibility to harvest their pre-pile acreage first, then follow with an application of Super Tin to their main crop. For best results, a full rate of five ounces/acre are recommended. Growers cannot use more than 15 ounces a season.