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Omega Fungicide Now Registered

Published online: Aug 24, 2001
The EPA has registered Syngenta's "multi-site" chemistry for the control of white mold and late blight on potatoes.

A broad-spectrum fungicide, it contains the active ingredient fluazinam. The unique activity of fluazinam allows for effective control of white mold, late blight and other diseases at much lower use rates than most other contact fungicides.

Omega stops the fungus in two ways, by inhibiting its respiration and reducing energy within the fungus, which reduces spore germination. This multi-site mode of action is a significant advantage for the fungicide, making developments of resistant strains extremely unlikely.

Omega's activity against the spore stage successfully isolates the disease lesions and prevents fungi spread to other foliage or to tubers. Because Omega is a non-systemic protectant fungicide, the first application must occur prior to the onset of the disease.