Planting Estimates Indicate Decrease

Published online: Jul 11, 2001
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According to the Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service, U.S. planted potato acreage for the fall harvest this year is off by 121,000 acres from a year ago, over a 9 percent drop. In fact, growers in almost every major potato producing state planted fewer acres this year to bring the total down to 1,107,000.

Idaho accounted for the biggest acreage cut, with growers scaling back 45,000 acres across the state. That accounts for about an 11-percent cut.

Washington producers are not far behind. They cut 15,000 acres of production, which accounts for over 8 percent of total fall production.

Growers in North Dakota cut 14,000 acres of fall production, trimming 11 percent, followed by Oregon producers, who cut 10,500 acres or 18 percent. Minnesota grower scaled back spring plantings by 9,000 acres, a 14-percent cut, and Maine producers cut production by 2,000 acres or 3 percent.

Acreage entered for seed certification also took a hit this year. Seed producers across the country cut acreage by 15,314 acres, a 10 percent decrease.